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Improvements in Fla, Local Jobless Rates

Florida's unemployment rate is now 7 percent.

The state of Florida released new numbers on Friday showing that the state's unemployment rate dropped .1 percent in August.

The rate had been flat at 7.1 percent for three straight months.

There was also improvement in the jobless rate in our area.  Palm Beach County's rate went down from 7.8 percent to 7.5 percent in August.  The year-over-year numbers are even more impressive.

There are now an estimated 656,000 people out of work in the state.

Florida's unemployment rate is below the national average of 7.0 percent.

Palm Beach County

August 2013    July 2013   August 2012

7.5                    7.8             9.4

Martin County

August 2013       July 2013         August 2012

7.5                        7.9                  9.5 

St. Lucie County

August 2013         July 2013        August 2012

10.1                        10.5                12.0

Indian River County

August 2013              July 2013       August 2012

9.4                              9.8                   12.1

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