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Jobless Numbers Down in Fla, Locally

Jobless Numbers Down in Fla, Locally

The jobless rates for Florida, PBC and all of the Treasure Coast have declined.

Florida's unemployment rate was 6.7 percent in October. 

Florida's unemployment rate is dropping again.

The latest figures released Friday show that the state's unemployment rate fell to 6.7 percent in October.  We also found out that it was 6.8 percent during the previous month. 

September's jobless figures were released, along with October today due to the partial federal government shutdown. 

The state had a 7 percent unemployment rate in August. 

This is the lowest that the state's unemployment rate has been since August 2008. There are an estimated 625,000 people out of work in the state.

Local numbers:

Palm Beach County:

October 2013    September 2013    October 2012

6.7                          7 .1                      8.4

Martin County:

October 2013       September 2013      October 2012

6.9                          7.3                           8.7

St. Lucie County:

October 2013           September 2013        October 2012

8.8                                    9.5                            10.5

Indian River County:

October 2013         September 2013         October 2012

 8.0                            8.8                              10.3

Okeechobee County:

October 2013            September 2013          October 2012

8.2                               8.9                               10.3

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